Having a hard time getting sleep during pregnancy? The hormonal fluctuations and physical discomforts associated with pregnancy affect your quality of sleep. As your pregnancy progresses, you may find it even more difficult to have a comfortable sleeping position. But sleeping when pregnant is very essential for your health and baby’s health.

During pregnancy, it is so common to struggle with sleep disturbances or insomnia along with stress and anxiety – says the best gynecologist in Kakinada from Inodaya Hospitals.

Inodaya Hospitals lists the best ways to improve your pregnancy sleeping.

7 Tips to sleep well during pregnancy

Here are the tips that help you get a better sleep when you are pregnant.

  1. Reduce stress

    Physical and emotional stress are the key culprits in preventing a good night’s sleep for everyone, especially for pregnant women. However, worrying due to stress won’t help you but indulging yourself in stress-free activities such as yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises, etc can help you relieve stress and get quality sleep during pregnancy.

  2. Avoid heavy meals before bed

    Too much spicy and acidic foods before sleep can lead to indigestion and disrupt your sleep. If indigestion is an ongoing problem, eat lighter meals and eat them early before bedtime. Too little food, on the other hand, can cause hunger pains that disturb your sleep in the middle of the night. So, eat fruit or nuts two to three hours before bed which gives your body time to digest and provide enough calories through the night.

  3. Minimize your nap time

    Most pregnant women can’t sleep well at night due to several pregnancy discomforts. So, a daily nap for 30 to 60 minutes during the daytime is good for women during pregnancy to reduce fatigue. Napping also makes you more alert and helps to relax, however, it should be done carefully. Do not nap for too long in the day time as it can interfere with your sleeping pattern at night and affect your pregnancy sleeping.

  4. Sleep on your left side

    The best sleeping position in pregnancy is to sleep on the side (SOS). Even a much better position for pregnant women is to sleep on the left side. If you are pregnant, practice sleeping on your left side to increase the amount of blood and nutrient flow to the baby and uterus. Sleeping on the left side can also help your body eliminate waste and fluids. In addition, practicing yourself to sleep on the left side during pregnancy will help you sleep better when your belly grows bigger.

  5. Use extra pillows

    Getting a comfortable position with better sleep can be tricky for pregnant women because of widening hips. Place a pillow between your bent knees to take the pressure off and provide extra comfort to the lower back while lying on the side. Put another pillow under your belly to keep your body in a comfortable position. Make sure to use different pillows for the support of head and neck too, to keep your spine straight and alleviate pressure on your spine, hips and surrounding nerves.

  6. Stay Active

    Regular exercise during pregnancy can promote good health, reduce the risks of weight gain and it also helps to improve your sleep. There are various options for safe pregnancy workouts such as brisk walking, swimming, and yoga, etc to keep you fit and active. Make sure to finish your physical exercise at least two to three hours before sleep to give your body time to relax and have a better sleep.

  7. Make your room dark

    Get your room properly ventilated during the day, but not at night. Keep your room quiet and dark at night for an uninterrupted sleep when you are pregnant. Turn off any digital clocks or electronic gadgets that have a source of light. Cover the windows with curtains as artificial light can inhibit the secretion of melatonin, which helps you to fall asleep. The lack of melatonin can make you awake after your regular bedtime.

Poor sleep can affect pregnant women, potentially leading to maternal complications such as hypertension and gestational diabetes. Try these tips to improve your sleeping pattern and have a happy pregnancy. Don’t neglect your pregnancy complications. Consult our gynecology specialists in Kakinada at Inodaya hospitals.